Keynote speakers – Transition from Towns to Smart Towns:
Collaboration between towns on smart solutions development: Simon Mokorel (FLAPAX)
Business Transformation City: Julij Božič (BTC)

Smart Towns – Overcoming obstacles: Best practices and solutions:
OASC – Open & Agile Smart Cities: Davor Meersman (OASC)

Home2Live platform: Rolf Helberg Jr. (Home2Live)

Implementation of Smart city infrastructure in historical centres of cities: Asif Ismayilov (Municipality of Baku)

Afternoon kick-off:
Smart Towns, ideal place to live – challenges for the future: Martin Pečar (SRIP SC&C)

PiPi – p2p car sharing: Urša Hribernik (PiPi)
In-wheel technology for autonomous driving in smart cities: Žiga Povalej (Elaphe)
TMS Cloud in BetterETA solution: Tomaž Račič (LIT Transit)
On demand mobility_: Marko Guček (Go Opti)

Energy & Circular Economy
Bigbelly smart waste&recycling solution: Guenter Graml (Graml)

Weather platform for smart cities: Alenka Šajn Slak (CGS Labs)
Solutions for energy sector: Matjaž Centrih (BASS)

Town Management
Towns being smarter with SmartCityPlatform: Blaž Golob (SmartIScity)
Smart information for smart city planning: Luka Mladenovič & Matej Nikšič (Urban Planning Institute of Republic of Slovenia)
Economy of the city of the future: dr. Anita Maček (DOBA)
Modern approaches to design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure in smart cities: Polona Gortnar (CGS Labs)
Collaboration platform – iKranj: Franc Dolenc (MediaInteractive)
Future proof IoT devices for future proof towns: Luka Mustafa (Fabrikor)
SMIP City – Speeding up the construction of Smart City: Damjan Šavko (3PORT)

Interactive session
The Digital Cities Challenge: Francisco Bujan (CARSA)

November 30th 2017 – day 2

Support for cross-regional collaborations (Urban Agenda, INTERREG CE, EIT)
Third Call for proposals Opportunities for the development of smart cities in central Europe Christophe Ebermann (INTERREG CE)

EIT Innovation Community_Call for proposals on Urban Mobility – 2018: Marton Herczeg (EIT)

Introduction to WATIFY and the matchmaking session: Francisco Buján (CARSA)

Presentations of Smart Solutions
Mobility, Tourism, Energy and Efficient Resource Management in cities through Smart and Open Urban Platforms: Diego Correia – Business Developer (UBIWHERE)
H2020 support to Public Innovation Procurement: Francisco Bujan (CARSA)