Programme 2017

The conference will give an overview of how the usage of smart solutions can contribute to the development of a smaller town, and adds value to the town as well as improves the lives of its inhabitants. The advantages and solutions so far mostly used by metropolitan cities across western Europe will now be viewed in a different way, through the eyes of smaller cities and towns.

The participants will have the chance to see the presentations of some successful solutions implemented in smaller towns across Europe, visit several already implemented solutions in Ljubljana and hear what possibilities smaller towns have.

The main proposed topics of the event are:

  • Mobility, Transport and Logistics,
  • Energy and Circular Economy,
  • Town Management,
  • Interregional Cooperation.

Through the discussion, the participants will have the opportunity to present their own city challenge and take advantage of collective intelligence to discuss potential solutions.


Join us and start transforming your town to a more sustainable area for all!

Programme committee