Round tables / Panels

  • The concept of smart city development

We will discuss the smart city from different aspects, such as a city tailored and in the function of man or tailored to things and in the function of progress, consumption; on the formulation of concepts and ways of transforming cities and settlements, the low-carbon way of living, working and mobility; on the potential of cities to achieve carbon neutrality and in the role of nature-based solutions.

  • Smart city as a tool to achieve climate neutrality of cities

We will discuss technologies and tools and their role in smart city development; transferring knowledge of the most effective smart solutions to reduce the problems of environmental degradation, pollution and traffic congestion.

  • Public participation and support to achieve the goals, how to get it?

We will discuss lifestyle and consumer habits, participatory methods and tools to strengthen the cooperation of different actors and forms of education in order to achieve carbon-neutral cities and settlements; the role of young people in ensuring a green future for cities; socially just green development and the carbon neutral agenda.

  • Green projects financing

We will discuss how to give cities access to the funding they need to implement vital sustainable infrastructure and achieve ambitious climate goals and improve the quality of life. We will highlight various financial instruments, combining public and private capital, repayable and non-repayable funds, criteria for green projects and green public procurement.