We are delighted to announce a one-day international conference Smart Cities 2019: “Resilient Cities: Between Digital and Physical World”, which will be held on the 16th of September in Ljubljana Castle in co-organization with City of Ljubljana. The goal of the conference is to provide answers related to integrated management of municipalities and cities in the case of natural disasters or unexpected environmental events.

The purpose of the conference is to answer the questions of a integrated management response of municipalities and cities in the case of, for example, natural disasters or unexpected events in the environment. The conference is primarily intended for decision makers, representatives of cities and municipalities.

Members of the Strategic Development Innovation Partnership of Smart Cities and Communities (SRIP SC&C) will present to potential customers, representatives of cities and municipalities, a set of smart ICT services and products. Focus will be on the resilience, responsiveness and reactions of cities to unexpected changes in the environment (the responsiveness of cities between the physical and cybernetic environment).

The event will show examples of good practices in the European area. We will be interested in the opinions and orientations of state authorities in the new financial perspective Horizon Europe 2021-2027. At the round table, which will conclude the conference, we will meet representatives of the state, enterprises, research and development institutions and municipalities.
There will be parallel discussions, which will be held with representatives of Slovenian and foreign companies (B2B). Presentations of modern ICT solutions will also be present.

You are welcome to present your initiatives, contributions, ideas and guidelines to the pmis@ijs.si.

SRIP SC&C team